Our Technology

A Fundamental Understanding of Why and How

Our technology platform provides unprecedented insights into how hydrocarbons are released from the rock as well as how fluids transit the reservoir, fracture interface and the proppant pack.  
This fundamental understanding of why and how is the key to boosting recovery factors.  Armed with specific insight into these mechanisms from a molecular to macro scale we leverage our Performance Library™ to deliver targeted chemistry to address them.

How it works

Molecular to Core Scale Experimentation at in situ reservoir conditions to understand fundamental physics of multi-phase flow in porous media.

Digital Rock Imaging, elemental mapping and  techniques for static and dynamic reservoir modeling

Calibrated Upscaling for practical field applications

Customized Chemical Formulations to meet your individual needs.

Strategic R&D Partnership

Our technology partner - University of Wyoming's world class research facilities at the Center of Innovation for Flow through Porous Media.