Delivering Improved Recovery. Increase well productivity by 25-35%.

Reservoir understanding + expertise in reservoir flow physics + unique chemistry formulation = MaxOR Platform. Optimizing production for every dollar spent while reducing water cut.
Working with leading operators across multiple basins
Alchemy Customers

Chemical Solutions

See below for a selection of our most popular chemical offerings leveraged by our clients

Friction Reducers

Alchemy's friction reducers are specifically tailored to enhance the performance of stimulation treatments across various challenging applications.


Alchemy's surfactants work to lower surface tension and improve fluid movement within reservoirs.

Scale Inhibitors

Alchemy's scale inhibitors are low-molecular-weight compound-polymer systems designed for effective control of carbonate and sulfate scales in a wide range of reservoir applications.


Alchemy's biocides are engineered to reduce the growth of microorganisms within the overall production system

Sustained Increased Production

Recovery improvement up to 25-35%

Maximum capital effectiveness, with fewer wells drilled. Reduced equipment and operational costs from horsepower

Enhanced Production Economics

Tangible returns in a cost-conscious environment

Payback period for operators of less than 3 months, by increasing oil production and reducing water cut

Strategic R&D Partnership

Partnership with the University of Wyoming - Center of Innovation for Flow through Porous media (COIFPM)

Further enhances in-house technical understanding of fluid system design and application

ESG Conscious Approach

Comprehensive solutions for our customers’ specific ESG challenges

Improved recovery factor reduces number of wells to be drilled, in return, reducing water, emissions and HSE incidents