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Delivering Improved Recovery. Increase well productivity by 25-35%.

Optimizing production for every dollar spent while reducing water cut.

Delivering the Chemistry for the Next Frontier of Improved Oil Recovery

Reservoir understanding + expertise in reservoir flow physics + unique chemistry formulation = MaxOR Platform

Sustained Increased Production

  • Recovery improvement up to 20%

  • Maximum capital effectiveness, with fewer wells drilled

  • Reduced equipment and operational costs from horsepower

Strategic R&D Partnership

  • Partnership with the University of Wyoming - Center of Innovation for Flow through Porous media (COIFPM) 

  • Further enhances in-house technical understanding of fluid system design and application

ESG conscious approach 

  • Comprehensive solutions for our customers’ specific ESG  challenges

  • Environmentally safe fluid systems

  • Reduction in oilfield traffic due to efficacy of chemicals solutions

Enhanced Production Economics

  • Tangible returns in a cost-conscious environment

  • Reduced water cut by up to 7% 

  • ~1-3 Month payback period for operator 

  • ROI up to 200%

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