We develop specific products for each unique system being treated.


Analyze reservoir attributes

We sit down with you and talk about the reservoir (formation) system and fluids in pore space. Then we discuss the application type which ranges from new completion to EOR co-injection water and gas.


In-depth lab testing of rock and hydrocarbon samples

Alchemy receives rock (core or cuttings), crude oil samples and runs lab tests prior to developing chemistry solution.


Tailor made chemistry for reservoir

Alchemy develops tailor made chemistry for the system, or selects existing products from portfolio using its Performance LibraryTM.


Seamless delivery and execution to your assets

Alchemy field ops team delivers the product and syncs with company man and pressure pumping vendor to treat wells downhole


Analyze well performance and optimize chemistry

Client and Alchemy assess well performance and then scale the platform with ongoing improvement of product based on field data