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Mark founded Melior Innovations, Inc. in 2011. Melior creates companies to commercialize innovative technologies and products it has identified and developed for mature, multibillion dollar markets.  Currently, three Melior backed companies, Pallidus,Inc., PicOnyx, Inc. and Alchemy Sciences, Inc. are in the process of commercialization and scale-up.  Pallidus, leveraging its M-SiC technology, is focused on producing lower cost, highest quality 6” Silicon Carbide wafers for use in the fastest growing segments of the semiconductor industry - power electronics and next generation communications. PicOnyx, with its M-Tone family of functional black pigments, is offering lower cost, higher quality products for the multi-billion dollar specialty black pigment markets.  Alchemy Sciences is creating a next generation chemistry platform to improve recovery factors by up to 50% in unconventional formations. Melior also has a pipeline of future companies/products, which will bring to market its transformative solutions for imaging, selectively targeting and safely destroying harmful tissue within the human body, initially focused on therapies for cardiac disease and oncology as well tissue imaging.


Prior to Melior, Mr. Land co-founded Foro Energy, an alternative drilling technology company, in 2008. Foro Energy won the largest ARPA-E grant for further technology development. Mark was responsible for identifying the technology, managing all operations and finance, and grew the company to a size of 25 employees before his departure. Foro Energy commercializes high-power laser applications for the oil, natural gas, geothermal and mining industries.  


Previously, Mr. Land was the co-founder of Steridian Corporation, a semiconductor technology company specializing in high-definition video. Steridian technology was the precursor to the innovations currently under development at Compound Photonics, a leading international video semiconductor technology company. 


Before Steridian, Mr. Land was a co-founder of Cignal Global Communications, the world’s first commercial voice over IP company. Over a five-year period, Cignal grew to 200 employees in 17 countries and $60 million in annual revenue. In November 2000, Cignal was sold for $200 million to a European cable company. 

Mark Land

Board Member

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